Spartan champ Killian featured in Sports Illustrated

Spartan champ Killian featured in Sports Illustrated

In another example of obstacle racing increasingly becoming mainstream, reigning Spartan champ Robert Killian was recently featured in Sports Illustrated.

The article profiles Killian while also discussing his intense, OCR-specific training regiment.  Continue reading “Spartan champ Killian featured in Sports Illustrated”


Reebok Spartan World Champ Jon Albon

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The 2014 Reebok Spartan World Championship at the Vermont Beast featured a brutal course that left elites humbled and some participants and racing websites openly pondering if the course was just too hard.

But talk to the guy who won it, and it sounds like a different race.

“I expected it to be hilly and have some heavy carries. I was right about that, but found the rest of the course manageable,” says 2014 Reebok Spartan World Champion Jon Albon. “The sandbags were a catalyst to make the rest of the obstacles harder, but apart from that everything was manageable and spaced out.” Continue reading “Reebok Spartan World Champ Jon Albon”

Claude Godbout Reclaims Spartan Championship

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Having the title of “Champion” before your name has a great ring to it. But having the title of “Two-Time Champion” before your name sounds even better.

That’s the title Quebec’s Claude Godbout can now enjoy after taking home her second Spartan World Championship in three years following an impressive performance in Killington, Vermont, on Saturday, September 20.

Godbout conquered an especially brutal Vermont Beast course, coming from behind and then holding off a strong challenge from second-place finisher Corinna Coffin to win the race with a time of 4:17. The course — which was billed as roughly 14 miles long, but most reports from racers wearing a GPS put the length at over 16 miles — featured repeated, agonizing climbs up 4,236-foot Killington Peak and a large number of grueling strength obstacles, including dual uphill bucket carries and sandbag carries. Continue reading “Claude Godbout Reclaims Spartan Championship”