Bone Frog Challenge adds championship event

bonefrog 5Add another championship OCR event to your late 2016 calendar.

Bone Frog Challenge has announced it will hold the Bone Frog Challenge Championship on October 29, 2016 at Berkshire East Ski Resort in western Massachusetts.  

The course will feature at least 24 Navy SEAL-inspired obstacles spread out over a more than 6-mile course. And, taking place on a ski mountain, there are sure to be plenty of hill climbs.

To qualify for the Bone Frog Challenge Championship, participants will need to accumulate 30 Bone Frog Points for the season. Bone Frog Points will be awarded for completing Bone Frog Challenge races through the year. Participants will be awarded 5 points for completing a Sprint, 10 points for the Full Challenge and 15 Points for each Tier 1 Challenge completed.

Read more about the Bone Frog Challenge Championship.


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