Lance Armstrong may try obstacle racing

Lance Armstrong 2
Former pro cyclist Lance Armstrong at a talk in 2007. (Wikimedia Photo)

Keep an eye out for Lance Armstrong at your obstacle races in 2016.

The controversial former pro cyclist recently said he is intrigued by the idea of running ultra marathons and obstacle course races, according to an article on

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles in 2012.

“Part of me wants to go run an ultra, or find a 100-miler to run or go find an obstacle course race that’s super challenging,” Armstrong said on Movember Radio, adding that the endurance world is “blowing up” in popularity. “Go try that. I think ’16 would be the year to do that.”

Armstrong was involved in controversy this past weekend when, according to, he won a trail race called the Woodside Ramble 35K. The victory touched off a firestorm on social media, where some people said he shouldn’t be allowed to compete in such races given his history.

Read about Lance Armstrong considering obstacle course racing.


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